Classic Floral Design .925 Silver Ring with Bohemian Garnets


The seed like Bohemian garnets with a large central stone form a stylistic round flower Rhodium Plated silver ring. The vibrating red color along with the beautiful Bohemian garnets in classical floral design creates a playful look perfect for woman for all decades!

Please note the weight of the ring will differ depending on the size.
2 0161-Rhodium Plated ,


For woman of all ages, enjoy the timeless sophistication of the classic floral design Rhodium Plated silver ring. The jewellers designed this noteworthy piece of accessory with a cluster of fiery red Bohemian garnets shaped in stylistic round flower. They set a huge gem in the center. It emits a different kind of glow. The Bohemian garnets surrounding it enhance its beauty. This silver jewelry ring creates a frolic wave of fire once the finger is moved as if nature is playing some kind of trick. The vivacious dark red color of the seed like gems conveys the message of liveliness and fun. Get exceptional attention with the ring’s amazing fancy!

Style of Bohemian Garnets jewelry

You can only find Bohemian garnet Bohemia. For centuries, people valued the Bohemian Garnet for it’s beauty. And they believed in it’s healing and uplifting effects. These gems are so glorious, that it is no wonder they are such a popular choice during the jewelry shopping. Even though the garnet jewelry varies styles, you can easily recognize the Bohemian garnet jewelry by the close-set stones which often have a rose cut. And the garnets themselves range from multi-faceted cut gems to cabochons. Besides, the metal frame is almost always invisible is another distinctive feature of the Bohemian jewelry. Additionally, the jewelers often combine the Bohemian Garnets with larger cabochons and faceted gems like Almandine. Almandine is another type of the Garnets family.

Bohemian Garnets throughout the history

The history of garnet jewelry goes back hundreds of years. Royalties adored the Bohemian Garnets gems during the Victorian era. And you can find the jewelry with these gems in the museums all around the world. People also thought these gems could help cure ailments and bad moods. The most popular garnets from that era were mined in Bohemia. Today, you can find this place on the map in modern Czech Republic.

Bohemian Garnets at ArtStyleGem online boutique. Why so special?

ArtStyleGem is a unique online store, and only one of few that offers authentic jewelry with this rare Bohemian Gemstone. The jewelers don’t enhance the gems in any way chemically. They mine the gems from the Earth, skillfully polish them and set them into a silver frame. The Czechian jewelers cover all the accessories either with Rhodium or gold over silver. Multiple options ensure that no customer is disappointed with the offering of Art Style Gem.
Nothing complements a beautiful woman better than a unique silver jewelry. But when you can find millions of designs available online and offline, it isn’t easy to choose the best. If you feel confused or lost while looking for silver jewelry, the Art Style Gem online store is just the place for you.

Additional information

Weight 4 g

5.25, 6.25, 7.25, 8.5, 9.75

  • Authentic jewelry box included (click to view) I attached images of the box.
  • Shipped by Canada Post with Tracking number and full value insurance.
  • 5 micron plating layer over silver. Read More