3 Elements Long .925 Silver Earrings with Bohemian Garnets


The amazing 24 Ct Gold Plated silver earrings with a total of 29 marvelous gems surrounding the rose cut central gemstone will melt anyone’s heart away.

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Look perfectly stunning with the bewitching design of these 24 Ct Gold Plated medium sized silver earrings. This pair is designed of 3 elements. The upper element is a Bohemian pyrope in original cut while the second level is made up of 7 lovely Bohemian gems in dark red color forming a beautiful flower. The largest element is in the bottom part with a total of 29 marvelous gems in 3 levels surrounding the large central stone in rose cut. Bring out a woman’s charm in you with the enchanting design of this pair!

The Bohemian garnet is only found in Bohemia and was valued for it’s beauty and supposed healing and uplifting effects. Garnet jewelry is varied in style and garnets themselves range from multi-faceted reflectors of rich deep reds to cabochons, juicy as pomegranate seeds. The history of garnet jewelry goes back hundreds of years and it’s longevity is no wonder when you see how glorious they are. Bohemian garnet jewelry is known for it’s encrusted close-set stones which are often rose cut and sometimes combined with larger cabochons and faceted gems like Almandine (another type of the Garnets family).

Garnets were a popular gemstone during the Victorian era as people thought they could help cure ailments and bad moods. The most popular garnets from that era were mined in Bohemia, which is part of modern day Czech Republic.

ArtStyleGem is a unique online store and only one of few that offers authentic jewelry with this rare Bohemian Gemstone, not enhance in any way chemically, but mined from the Earth and skillfully polished and set in a silver frame. All the accessories are made of silver and come either in Rhodium or gold plating over silver. Multiple options ensure that no customer is disappointed with the offering of Art Style Gem.

Nothing complements a beautiful woman better than a unique silver jewelry. But with millions of designs and options available both online and offline, it isn’t easy to finalize the best alternative. If you are one of those confused souls who is looking for silver jewelry online, the Art Style Gem online store is just the place for you.

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  • 5 micron plating layer over silver. Read More