Jewelry Authenticity

The cooperative Granåt Turnov

The cooperative Granåt Turnov has been producing Bohemian garnet jewelry for nearly 60 years. It was founded in 1953 with the merging Of smaller local private goldsmiths.

In 1961, Turnov Granåt d.u.v. merged with “Precious Turnov” making it today the largest producer pro-moter Of jewelry with Bohemian garnet in the world. With a distinctly elegant style and standard Of high quality, Granåt has regularly won awards at international jewelry exhibitions with creations that that combine world fashion trends with Czechian styles.

Jewelry at Granåt is made in such a way that the metal frames are almost invisi-ble. The gems are carefully set to best highlight their color and generally not matched with any other colored gems. They usually use not one stone but many. Often, there is a larger almandine center stone surrounded by smaller Czechian garnet pyropes.

The world’s biggest collection Of Bohemian garnets is found at the National Museum in Prague. Smaller col-lections can be seen in the Industrial Art Museum in Prague, the Moravian Gallery in Brno and the Museum Of the Bohemian Paradise.

Because Of its great value and popularity worldwide, jewelry with Bohemian garnets is often counterfeited. Even pieces bought in the Czech Republic have been known to contain inferior quality almandines from Turkey, India and Thailand.


To guarantee authenticity:

  • Ask for the Authenticity certificate and gem origin. The Authenticity certificate itself is protected by a holographic mark with the logo Of the cooperative Granåt Turnov.
  • Always check for the factory hallmark “G” or”G1″ or “G2” on every piece Of jewelry.
  • The jewelry produced by Granåt Turnov also contains the mark Of metal purity (925 for silver or 585 for gold) and the hallmark from the Government Of Czech Republic confirming the purity Of the metal.
  • The real Bohemian pyrope often has typical “star” stone cut.