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Jewelry and Style

  • About rhodium plated silver

    about rhodium plated silverItems made out of silver darken and lose their shine over time due to the mere exposure to bright sunlight, changes in humidity, contact with food, cosmetics, the human body and even air. That is why silver jewelry, silver cutlery and other silver items require repeated cleaning and polishing.

    For silver not to darken or oxidize, it can be plated with a thin layer of rhodium. Since rhodium is nearly ten times more expensive than gold, and can be too brittle on its own, it is used as a finishing layer rather than the main metal in jewelry production. The rhodium finish gives silver their bright white color and prevents damage. Continue reading

  • About 24 Ct gold plated silver

    about 24 ct gold plated silverThe speed at which jewelry changes in the fashion world continually pushes jewelers to come up with original ideas using the timeless magnificence of new and traditional materials. From this, masterpieces come forth.

    Wanting to look stylish without having to empty your pocketbooks, it’s not unusual that someone settle for poor-quality or out-of-fashion costume jewelry. A wonderful and accessible alternative can be found in the always stylish and never out-of-date gold plated jewelry. Continue reading

  • Suggestions on how to choose earrings

    silver earrings with natural untreated precious gemsAt first, it may seem daunting to choose earrings. There are so many different types and styles (dangling, hoop earrings, clip-on etc) and then they have to match a face or a skin tone. For these reasons, they should be chosen with care.

    The size of earrings is very important for the image you are creating. The bigger the earrings, the more noticeable they are and the more attention they attract to the face and neck.The shape and size of the face is a good place to start in the decision making process. Continue reading

  • A few tips before purchasing jewelry

    few tips before purchesing jewelry1. Determine what you are looking for in jewelry. For example, are you looking for an exciting conspicuous piece, or a subtle discreet piece? Are you trying to accessorize an outfit or compliment a body trait?

    2. Make sure that the item you have in mind is appropriate for an event where you would like to wear it, or a style you want to have.

    3. Decide how long and how often you are going to wear the jewelry.

    4. Consider your budget. Continue reading

  • How to choose jewelry

    how to choose jewelryMost women know that properly chosen clothes and make-up can make you feel really good. Throw jewelry into the mix and they’ll feel even more beautiful.

    The process of choosing jewelry closely resembles that of choosing clothes. The main rule is to experiment, combine, and select accessories in such a way to look unique and to, of course, feel wonderful.

    Another fun way to choose jewelry is to complement a wardrobe or a specific outfit. The accessory is that finishing touch that completes a style that can make a really striking impression. That’s why it should be chosen thoughtfully. Continue reading

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